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New BJJ Black Belts in Corona this Past Saturday!

Gracie Barra Corona Promoted Two New BJJ Black Belts this Past Saturday!

Huge congrats to Professors Nicole Inacio and Bobby Montanez

What It Takes To Become a Brazilian Black Belt from Angela Ensign

If you are curious in what it takes to get your black belt in Jiu Jitsu…let me tell you..It takes yearssssss of least a decade..not only is it time..but really its making it your life! its watching youtube videos before going to bed, its teaching classes to others, cluttering the bathroom with those sport magazines, running scenarios in your head wherever you go and if your lucky enough you use it for work. Its no surprise this day has come..

Although you do not feel worthy of this honor IMO you definitely deserve it! Its never a surprise to me -anything you put your mind to you do it well and become one of the elite. I love you and sooo very proud of you!!

group black belt ceremony



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